Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My Dad My Here Personalized Book

Here's is a great gift for dad for his birthday, Father's Day or any special day...
"The ideal Father’s Day book."
A young boy starts off this laugh-out-loud personalized picture book by listing all the ways his dad is NOT a superhero: he can't leap tall buildings, run faster than a speeding bullet, or shoot webs out of his wrists. Each spread illustrates how Dad doesn’t have super powers but is still a hero at heart. The sweet ending depicts all the cool—if not super—activities Dad does do with the child, like throwing a baseball, playing checkers and going toy shopping. Ethan Long's spot-on artwork perfectly accompanies this super funny and super sweet story.
"A nicely illustrated tale that speaks volumes about the bond between a dad and his son... a great story that will be perfect as a gift for any dad or son."New York Journal of Books
To see inside the book, click here.
612734_Put Me In The Story - Bestselling Personalized Kids' Books

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